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Office Secretary Position

Summary Job Description

The secretary of Berkley/Huntington Woods Youth Assistance (BHWYA) is employed by the Berkley/Huntington Woods Youth Assistance Board.  This is a part-time, at-will position and job expectations are ultimately determined by the BHWYA Board.  This individual is responsible to, and will perform duties/tasks assigned by the BHWYA Chairperson and Board.  Additionally, this individual will also assist and relieve the caseworker of a variety of secretarial duties/tasks to enhance the smooth and efficient operation of the office.  The secretary is a facilitator for the communities served by BHWYA by communicating information, answering routine inquiries, and performing related public relations activities as directed by the board or caseworker. 


  • High School Graduate

  • Ability to maintain strict, complete confidentiality of client and office records, and all other privileged information pertaining to BHWYA

  • Possess proficient computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher

  • Proficient in use of database and spreadsheet functions

  • Prior successful secretarial experience

  • Professional written and oral communication skills; ability to work/interact with staff, parents and community members in person and/or on the telephone, in a friendly and sensitive manner

  • Knowledgeable of general bookkeeping functions relative to the efficient operation of the office

  • Ability to interpret a variety of written and/or oral instructions, and independently initiate needed action

  • Approach assigned responsibilities in an organized and time-efficient manner

  • Ability to define/solve practical problems and deal with a variety of situations

  • Demonstrate ability as a self-starter and ability to work with a minimum of supervisory direction as well as take direction

  • Dependable in punctuality and attendance

  • Flexible and able to adapt to change

  • Ability to respond to unanticipated situations in a constructive manner

  • Commit to the principles of BHWYA

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